The Business Solution

To address the obstacles faced by Bonner Private Wines, a comprehensive audit of their Facebook Ads account and landing pages was conducted. This meticulous examination enabled the identification of several key factors contributing to their lack of success.

One significant issue uncovered was related to their Facebook Pixel and Conversion API, which were both yielding inadequate data. While events were being captured, it was discovered that not all landing pages and websites were properly tracked, and the conversion API was not even installed. Recognizing that accurate tracking is paramount to building a successful account, this inadequacy was promptly rectified.

Furthermore, it was evident that the brand’s bid strategies were ineffective in generating desired results. It was observed that Bonner Private Wines frequently utilized link click or video view campaigns at the prospecting level. Although this approach may seem logical, it often leads to participating in an auction populated by low-quality users. In contrast, bidding on conversions rather than clicks or views places the brand in an auction consisting of users whom Facebook has identified as potential buyers. This strategic shift maximizes the likelihood of reaching and engaging with the most valuable target audience.

Equipped with a profound understanding of the challenges at hand, the partnership commenced by fundamentally reconstructing the ad accounts according to the identified insights. This meticulous restructuring laid a solid foundation poised for future scalability and success.

Additionally, the brand’s creative assets were expertly harnessed to craft compelling videos that effectively conveyed the unique value proposition of their wine. Clear and persuasive call-to-actions were skillfully integrated, further enhancing the messaging’s impact.

Moreover, attention was devoted to the creation of landing pages that eloquently articulated the exceptional qualities of their wines and convincingly explained why wine enthusiasts across the country should eagerly embrace the opportunity to savor them.

Once these campaigns were deployed, the bid strategy was adjusted to target cost-per-result, aligning with the brand’s desired return on ad spend (ROAS). The aim was to achieve their dream ROAS while simultaneously lowering the customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Within three months, the CAC was successfully reduced to meet their initial target through the implementation of Facebook Ads.

By the fourth month, the exceptional results surpassed all expectations, with the target CAC outperformed by an astounding 80% and a remarkable 3.02x ROAS achieved on Facebook Ads.

The ultimate outcome was a remarkable transformation of the brand’s struggling advertising channel into one that not only surpasses its objectives but also exhibits impressive month-over-month growth and scalability.