The Business Solution

Since the radical update that was iOS14, businesses have struggled to adapt to changes in Facebook Ads. Curex was a part of this camp.

To remedy this situation, I completed a comprehensive audit of their Facebook Ads account. This allowed me to identify many reasons why they had not seen success.

With a proper understanding in place, I began our partnership by rebuilding the ad account into a complete, full-funnel structure.

Then, I leveraged all of their UGC to edit compelling videos and clearly articulate the product’s value proposition with clear calls-to-action (Check out some of this creative below).

Next, I modified the targeting across the account by deploying new ad creatives to specific audiences.

Finally, we created landing pages that were also geared toward the company’s target audience. If the ad spoke about the advantages Curex had over traditional allergy shots, our landing page doubled down on that messaging.

Once all of these campaigns were running, I switched the bid strategy to a target cost-per-result and aimed for their dream CAC.

Within a month, I lowered the CAC to their target goal with Facebook Ads.

By month two, I was beating their target CAC by 25% while 4xing the spend on the ad account.

The end result: What was once a dead advertising channel for the brand is now outperforming its goals and scaling fast month-over-month.

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