The Business Solution

Recognizing the influential power of online marketing, specifically Google Ads, the clinic decided to invest. The decision was driven by compelling statistics, showing that 88% of mobile searches for local businesses prompt either a call or a visit within 24 hours. This strong potential was too significant to ignore in the clinic’s growth strategy.

To tap into this, I developed and implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign. The strategy was designed to reach prospective patients within a 5 to 15-mile radius who were actively seeking immediate care. We employed a broad spectrum of search terms, ranging from general podiatry references to specific symptoms related to foot and ankle disorders. This comprehensive approach ensured we effectively reached a wide variety of potential patients.

Notably, within a few weeks, the search campaign demonstrated its value, becoming highly profitable and signaling a successful entry into the realm of online advertising.

To supplement the Google Ads campaign and enhance our online presence, we introduced a retargeting strategy. This was deployed across various platforms, including Google Display, YouTube, and Facebook, which are among the most frequently visited online spaces. The retargeting efforts were designed to recapture the attention of those who had previously interacted with the clinic online, encouraging their return and fostering a deeper engagement with the business.

Through diligent work and regular optimization, our marketing efforts have delivered consistently impressive results. These are detailed below:

The Results


Average ROI (Return on Investment) Month-Over-Month


Conversion rate across organic and paid channels


Cost per lead through digital advertising efforts


Business changing digital advertising campaign