The Business Solution

As a response to IM | Health’s specific need, I undertook the management of their digital advertising platforms in anticipation of their late 2020 launch. Their primary objective since inauguration was to ensure a steady flow of traffic to the urgent care facility, thus ensuring its profitability, whilst simultaneously familiarizing new patients with the variety of services available at the center.

To facilitate this, I developed and launched a targeted Google Ads campaign. It was directed at prospective patients seeking immediate care within a radius of 5 to 15 miles. I utilized an extensive array of search terms – from generic urgent care searches to symptoms specific to conditions treated by the facility. This broad-spectrum approach led to the search campaign turning highly profitable within a matter of weeks.

As an adjunct, I implemented a retargeting strategy on platforms such as Google Display, YouTube, and Facebook, designed to re-engage patients and bring them back to the IM | Health facility.

After several months of dedicated work, continuous optimizations, and strategic adjustments, we have consistently achieved outstanding results, as detailed below:


The Results


Click-through rate for Google Ads


Conversion rate across paid channels


Cost per lead through digital advertising efforts


Business changing digital advertising campaign