The Business Solution

IM | Health is an innovative company with the goal of providing all of your primary care needs under one roof while inspiring its patients to live a life of better health.

This is accomplished by being more than just a family practice.

They have urgent care for immediate patient needs, a physical therapy arm, and a fitness & nutrition center to assist patients towards a healthy, fit lifestyle.

We brought this business model to life with a website that showcases all of its service offerings while guiding each visitor through an enjoyable web experience.

Every inch of their new website was built with one goal in mind, acquiring patients.

With their website complete, they were ready to handle traffic from their target audience.

Their main objective on launch day was to make sure the urgent care had enough traffic.

To assist with this goal, we launched a Google Ads campaign to prospective patients searching for immediate care in a 5 – 10 mile radius.

Within days, they began to see new patients through the website and after a few months, achieved the results below:

The Results


Click-through rate for targeted Google Ads campaigns


Conversion rate across organic and paid channels


Cost per lead through digital advertising efforts


Business changing website

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