The Business Solution

To address Kaymbu’s obstacles, I conducted a comprehensive audit of their Google Ads account and landing pages. This meticulous examination revealed several key factors contributing to their lack of success.

Initially, I discovered that all campaigns directed traffic to the home page despite targeting different buyer personas at various consumer journey stages. To fix this, I recommended creating dedicated landing pages for each campaign to ensure effective messaging alignment.

Secondly, their account structure was outdated and lacked appropriate targeting. They relied solely on exact and phrase match keywords, limiting their exposure to potential customers. By suggesting the use of broad match keywords, I unlocked their visibility and expanded their conversions.

Thirdly, they were running search campaigns exclusively, overlooking the extensive platform list and reach that Google Ads offers. I proposed leveraging Performance Max, which allowed them to tap into Google’s entire ecosystem through a single campaign.

With a solid grasp of the challenges, I began our collaboration by overhauling the ad accounts using the identified insights. This detailed restructure provided a firm foundation for future growth and success.

I harnessed Kaymbu’s creative assets to craft compelling videos that effectively communicated the platform’s unique value proposition in the educational sector. I integrated clear and persuasive calls-to-action, amplifying the impact of their messaging. Attention was also given to creating landing pages that highlighted the software’s standout features and explained why teachers nationwide chose it over competitors.

After launching these campaigns, I modified the bid strategy to focus on cost-per-result, ensuring it aligned with the company’s target ROAS. My goal was to meet their ideal ROAS while reducing the customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Within three months, I successfully reduced the CAC to meet its initial target by implementing Google Ads combined with targeted landing pages.

By the end of the first year, Kaymbu went from zero customers on Google Ads to acquiring over five new clients and generating more than 25 fresh leads from new schools each month. Our campaigns achieved an estimated average ROAS of 9.1x per month.

The result: The company’s once struggling ad channel not only met its goals but also showcased consistent monthly growth.