The Business Solution

To address these challenges, I conducted a comprehensive audit of their Google Ads account, enabling us to identify the key reasons behind their inability to achieve conversions at the desired acquisition cost.

The primary issue I uncovered was an outdated account structure. Given the rapid evolution of Google and Facebook, it is vital for growth marketers to stay up-to-date. Neglecting to do so can result in outdated strategies and poor account frameworks that do not leverage the full potential of advanced machine learning algorithms.

In the past, more manual control was required, but with the increased power of algorithms, it is crucial to understand and effectively collaborate with these new technologies. Improving the account structure was the primary focus, along with addressing various fundamental aspects that could be optimized.

Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, I started by rebuilding their Google Ads account, creating a modern and scalable account structure that served as a solid foundation for future growth.

I then introduced new campaigns that capitalized on the full range of Google’s powerful advertising platforms. Leveraging Performance Max, Search, YouTube, Display, and Discovery campaigns, I harnessed the full potential of each platform to maximize reach and impact.

Additionally, I refined targeting by deploying new ad creatives tailored to specific audiences while enhancing the effectiveness of existing Google Search campaigns. This effectively captured users with clear intent for ProjectManager’s services.

Furthermore, I collaborated closely with their internal team to develop landing pages that emphasized the company’s competitive advantages. By aligning the messaging of the ads with the landing pages, I amplified the impact and persuasive power of their marketing efforts.

Finally, I adjusted the bid strategy to target a cost-per-result and aimed to achieve the client’s desired customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Within two months, I successfully reduced the CAC to their target goal on Google. By the third month, I surpassed expectations, achieving a 15% reduction in customer acquisition cost while quadrupling the ad account’s spending for an overall 372% increase in performance.

As a result, what were once underperforming advertising channels have transformed into high-performing assets that consistently surpass goals and exhibit rapid month-over-month growth.