The Business Solution

To address this challenge, we embarked on a comprehensive audit of their Facebook Ads account, enabling us to uncover the underlying reasons for their lack of success. Armed with this valuable insight, we initiated a strategic partnership aimed at overhauling their ad accounts and establishing a holistic, full-funnel structure.

One of the key steps we took was leveraging user-generated content (UGC) to craft compelling videos that effectively communicated the unique value proposition of RentReporters’ products. By incorporating clear call-to-actions, we ensured that the messaging resonated with their target audience. You can see some examples of this creative below, which further exemplify our approach.

In addition, we revamped the targeting strategy across the account by deploying new ad creatives tailored to specific audience segments. Simultaneously, we implemented highly effective Google search campaigns that captured individuals displaying clear intent for RentReporters’ services.

To enhance the overall user experience, we developed landing pages that were meticulously crafted to align with the preferences of RentReporters’ target audience. When an ad highlighted the advantages of Curex over traditional allergy shots, for instance, our landing page reinforced and amplified that messaging.

Once all of these campaigns were operational, we employed a target cost-per-result bidding strategy, which allowed us to optimize towards RentReporters’ desired customer acquisition cost. In a remarkably short period, we successfully reduced the CAC to their target goal with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Within a month, not only had we achieved the desired CAC, but we had surpassed it by 25%, all while increasing the spend on the ad account. This exceptional performance continued into the second month, as we consistently outperformed their target CAC and witnessed exponential growth, month after month.

Overall, we saw a 93% reduction In Conversion Costs and a 230% increase In profitable ad spend.

As a result of our partnership, the previously struggling advertising channels of RentReporters have undergone a remarkable transformation, consistently exceeding their goals and experiencing rapid scalability.