The Business Solution

One of the keys to successfully running campaigns for the Google Ads Grant is making sure you hit their benchmarks each month so you maintain the grant.

This includes maintaining a click-through rate of over 5%, no single keyword ad groups, removing keywords that have a quality score below 2, and maintaining valid conversion tracking across your account.

To accomplish this, I did a deep research phase to understand their target market. This led to a robust keyword list for us to target in their campaigns.

With this list, I built out multiple campaigns leveraging broad, phrase, and exact match keywords across the account.

After launch, I completed my daily optimization practices to make sure we hit the benchmarks. This includes optimizing/removing keywords with low-quality scores and low click-through rates. Finding new keyword opportunities in the search queries, and overall improving their performance with advanced techniques.

After a few months of scaling and optimizations, we achieved the results below:

The Results


Click-through rate across search campaigns


Conversion rate across campaigns


Impressions per month across the ad account


Successful advertising campaign

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