The Business Solution

My approach must be tailored and sophisticated when dealing with luxury watches, which vary in value from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. My strategy zeroes in on two pivotal elements of a large-scale advertising campaign – delivering engaging content to the right audience at the optimal moment and systematically collecting, utilizing, and analyzing data.

To start, my focus on data is meticulous. Ensuring accuracy in data tracking is vital, but Meta and Google must also receive accurate data relating to customer actions. This precise feed lets these platforms learn about WoS’s most engaged prospects and loyal customers. As a result, they can optimize ad placement, putting our ads in front of those users who are most likely to make a purchase.

Next, I conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing creative content and targeting strategies and reconstructed the accounts entirely. This enabled me to utilize their assets fully, ensuring they reached the right, receptive audience. At the initial stage of our funnel, I employed broad, awareness-oriented content like the example provided below, progressively moving further down the funnel, with ads becoming increasingly product-specific based on the user’s website engagement.

This method has produced notable outcomes. I consistently generate a 2-4x return on ad spend (ROAS) on luxury watches spanning numerous upscale brands and campaigns.

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