The best Porsche ads of all time are similar to their cars. Thoughtfully designed, well-executed masterpieces that have a tendency to stop you in your tracks.

And in our short attention span world where we have all of a few seconds to capture the consumer’s attention, Porsche is a masterclass cast study in creating scroll-stopping content.

This was especially true in their print advertising campaigns in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Decades later, these ads are full of proven tactics in clever copywriting and intelligent design that can help any marketer improve their craft.

Let’s dive into a few of the best Porsche ads of all time to see the role each played in the branding efforts behind building one of the world’s most recognized brands.

Nobody’s Perfect

The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: Nobody's Perfect
The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: Nobody’s Perfect

Like Sean Connery playing James Bond, this Porsche ad oozes cool.

The tagline is a bit smug yet incredibly witty and powerful. When you occupy nine out of the top ten places in one of the most demanding racing events in the world, you don’t have to say much else.

This statement alone conveys the incredible quality and prowess of their products.

But the copywriter did not stop there.

Below the results, they bring it home, elaborating on the race’s difficulty while humbly bragging about their improvements each year.

“There’s no tougher endurance race than the Le Mans. Over 3,000 punishing miles in 24 hours at speeds often excess of 200 mph. Last year, Porsche took the first five places. This year, the first eight. Next year, who knows? There’s always room for improvement. Even at Porsche.”

That last line is a masterpiece.

Honestly now

The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: Honestly Now
The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: Honestly Now

Some consider it bad taste to go after a competitor in an ad campaign. But in this case, Porsche poking fun of their opposition is so well done, we inherently give them a pass.

“Honestly now, did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Nissan or a Mitsubishi?”

This sentence makes the reader think back on their own dreams from growing up, buying into Porsche’s products as an extension of themselves. The copywriter is not just selling a car – they’re helping you fulfill your personal destiny.

The sentiment of dreaming about someday owning the product is powerful and makes this one of the best Porsche ads of all time.

You may get lost, but not in a crowd


The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: You May Get Lost
The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: You May Get Lost

Porsche’s ads are known for being witty and clever, but this one is more inspirational than anything else.

In a few seconds, the ad connects deeply with the human desire to be unique. To be an individual. The idea of being lost in a crowd is so common; it’s refreshing to see someone decide to be different.

By tapping into this human emotion, the copywriter has perfectly positioned the product to solve the reader’s desires.

And just like that, the Porsche 911 becomes a mark of individuality, not just another expensive status symbol.

The desire for individuality is strong with this one!

In Germany there are no getaway cars

The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: In Germany, There Are No Getaway Cars
The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: In Germany, There Are No Getaway Cars

This witty advert has all the hallmarks of a great Porsche campaign.

It starts with a concise statement that captures your attention, making you think about what it means while remaining humorous enough not to come across as arrogant or pretentious.

It then presents a clean photo of their product with a body of copy that expands on the tagline statement.

The brilliance of this ad is remarkably simple.

By making the statement “there are no getaway cars,” it casually makes the reader think that a Porsche can outrun every other car manufacturer without trying hard.

Through that visual alone, the superior quality of their product is ingrained in their target consumer’s minds.

Rear horsepower

The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: Rear Horsepower
The Best Porsche Ads of All Time: Rear Horsepower

The simplicity of this ad is what makes it work. When you see it, you just get it.

Porsche wants to convey its trademark feature in the 911, the rear-engine, to its consumers.

The copywriter and art director hit the nail on the head with this one. The minimal copy “Rear Horsepower” paired with the photo says it all.

And by taking advantage of the extra white space, the reader’s eyes are immediately drawn to the only thing the advertiser aims to convey.

There you have it, some of the best Porsche ads of all time

Each one is witty, intelligent, and thoughtfully designed conveying the product’s prowess through clever copywriting techniques.

They are all those rare ads that stop and make you think. The ones that are memorable. The ads you can’t stop thinking about and the lessons we, as advertising professionals, can take from them to apply in our own work.