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Today, I have some really fun topics to go into – the rise of audience-first products, how to get your dream job, playing the long game, and the speed of life.

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The Rise of Audience First Products

“Audience-first products may just be the perfect business model.

When you build an audience that loves the content you produce, you can start listening to their pain points in life. Through this process, they literally tell you what they are looking for but can’t find.

This gives the creator unparalleled market research as they introduce their new business into their audience’s lives.

By following this process of creating the audience first and the product or service second, the entrepreneur has greatly increased their odds of success.

Not to mention the margins can be insanely high.

The marketing is free via your audience. The product or service can often be software with zero cost of replication. And the workforce needed for the business is generally low, with more examples than I can count of people building empires with a small team and a few freelancers.”

Source: The Rise of Audience-First Products

How To Get Your Dream Job

“How to get a dream job at your dream company:

Research the company.
Use the product.
Find the CEO’s email online.
Write a personable and specific email relaying your experience. Suggest some ideas, report a bug, or include a small UX improvement.”

Source: Sahil Lavingia

Playing The Long Game

“2012: my first startup, couldn’t get a meeting with a single VC.

2021: meeting with funds I only dreamed about. Feels surreal.

Keep pushing.
Keep proving.
It will come.”

Source: Amanda Goetz

The Speed of Life

“Take it slow. This is life. Where else are you going to go?”

Source: Louis Lee

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