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Each week, I share the most impactful ideas that help me in my pursuit of better. In business, relationships, health, networking, wealth, happiness, and more.

One idea is something I personally learned that week, and the rest are from others who inspire me.

Today, I go into a wide range of topics. From the paradox of sales and marketing to the importance of small, daily actions.

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Alright, onto this week’s ideas.

Why Small Daily Actions Are So Important

“Writing 750 words a day becomes 22,500 words a month.

Exercising for 30 minutes a day becomes 15 hours a month.

Reading 50 pages a day becomes 1500 pages a month.

These are the small actions that compound.

Celebrate each small win because it is always a step forward.”

Source: Brandon Zhang

Being Bold In Your Pursuit

“Be part of the small % of people that have the confidence and audacity to live their dreams.”

Source: Dan Rowden

The Paradox of Sales & Marketing

“Paradoxical truths:

• The best marketing never looks like marketing.

• The best salesperson never looks like a salesperson.

Tough to understand. Even tougher to apply.

This is what the world’s best salesman looks like. He looks like an anti salesman. Feature not a bug.

Don’t think he’s ever said:

“Always be closing” or read Zig Ziglar.

This is ironically a reason (one of many) why he’s so good at sales + marketing.

I’ve struggled to understand this idea for a while.

I think it’s down to signaling theory.

The best sales + marketing signals trust.

But if the consumer knows it’s sales + marketing – it signals anti-trust.

So the paradox occurs.”

Source: George Mack

Idea From Me: The Commonalities Between Writing & Fitness

Writing is to the mind what fitness is to the body:

Demanding and challenging at first.

But as you improve the habit, the more rewarding and life-changing it becomes.

When is the last time you blocked off time to exercise your mind?

Until next time, have a great weekend.


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