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Each week, I share the most impactful ideas that help me in my pursuit of better. In business, relationships, health, networking, wealth, happiness, and more.

One idea is something I personally learned that week, and the rest are from others who inspire me.

Today, I have some fun topics to review – a great leadership perspective, more is not always better, taking sabbaticals, and trusting the process.

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Great Leadership Perspective

“When you hire people

your wage isn’t an investment in them

it’s them investing their time in your company”

Source: Domm Holland

More ≠ Better

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” — Seneca

Source: Value

Taking Sabbaticals

“I know too many people who have passed away young, so I’m going to take sabbaticals throughout my career instead of saving all the fun for retirement.

I like Nassim Taleb’s philosophy of taking a sabbatical once every three years to study scientific and philosophical culture. Here’s how he describes it:

“So I stayed in the quant and trading businesses (I’m still there), but organized myself to do minimal but intense (and entertaining) work, focus only on the most technical aspects, never attend business “meetings,” avoid the company of “achievers” and people in suits who don’t read books, and take a sabbatical year for every three on average to fill up gaps in my scientific and philosophical culture. To slowly distill my single idea, I wanted to become a flâneur, a professional meditator, sit in cafés, lounge, unglued to desks and organization structures, sleep as long as I need, read voraciously, and not owe any explanation to anybody. I wanted to be left alone in order to build, small steps at a time, an entire system of thought based on my Black Swan idea.”

Source: David Perell

Idea From Me: Trusting The Process

Words to my younger self on trusting the process:

The present is all you have.

Visualize your goal, then break it down into daily actions.

Optimize each day for productivity, health, and enjoyment.

Then let time catch up.

Eventually, that ideal life will become a reality.

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