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Each week, I share the most impactful ideas that help me in my pursuit of better. In business, relationships, health, networking, wealth, happiness, and more.

One idea is something I personally learned that week, and the rest are from others who inspire me.

Today’s issue is aimed at service business owners and solopreneurs with a health-based topic that personally changed my life mixed in.

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Skipping Breakfast

“3 reasons why you should try skipping breakfast:

-It’s easier to eat less.
-You get extremely focused.
-You feel energized in the morning.

Skipping breakfast could be the thing that changes how you live your life.”

Source: Anthony Knobbe

Scaling A Service Business

“Focus on:


– One Skill
– One Offer
– Cold Email
– Sales Calls


– Build a team
– Client referrals
– Invest into systems & processes


– Scale your team
– Refine systems so that they work for you
– Begin to remove yourself from the day-to-day work”

Source: Chase Dimond

Diversifying Your Income As A Solopreneur

“Forms of self-employment income for developers:

🔴  SaaS: Takes a long time for meaningful returns.

🟢  Info Products: High volatility, unpredictable, potential for extremely high ROI.

🔵  Freelancing: Predictable, stable, choose your own hours.

Mix together for maximum effect!”

Source: Daniel Vassallo

Idea From Me: Building A Service Business Through A Personal Brand

Operating my service business through my personal brand is a lot of fun.

It allows me to execute on my current, industry-specific productized services while staying open to new market opportunities through my website.

It’s the perfect mix of predictability and serendipity.

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