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Today, I have some fascinating topics to dive into from a few brilliant thinkers and content creators – desire to impact the world, not doing what most people do, being a time billionaire, and inspiration for being prolific.

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Alright, onto this week’s ideas.

Impact > Comfort

“Eventually my desire to have impact overtook my desire to stay small, safe, comfortable, and free of judgement.”

Source: Marie Poulin

Not Doing What Most People Do

“Most people” do what “Most people” do.

This is a huge mistake. In the US:
* 50% of marriages end in divorce or separation
* 60%+ of the pop. is obese or overweight
* 70% of people have less than $1k in savings

What “most people” are doing isn’t working”

Source: Shaan Puri

Being A Time Billionaire

Graham Duncan: I was listening to a guy introduced a speaker a while ago. And he was saying people don’t really understand the difference between billionaires and millionaires. He said a million seconds is like 11 days. A billion seconds is 31 years. And I remember that –

Tim Ferriss: Oh, shit. That’s a hell of a way to think about it.

Graham Duncan: Right?

Tim Ferriss: Wait. Can you say that one more time?

Graham Duncan: A million seconds is 11 days. A billion seconds is slightly over 31 years. And I was thinking about - Tyler Cowen has a thing about cultural billionaires.

Tim Ferriss: Marginal Revolution?

Graham Duncan: Yeah. In one of his books, he talks about cultural billionaires. I feel like in our culture, we’re so obsessed, as a culture, with money. And we deify dollar billionaires in a way that - it’d be nice to co-opt that term the way Tyler Cowen did with cultural billionaires. And I was thinking of time billionaires that when I see, sometimes, 20-year-olds - the thought I had was they probably have two billion seconds left. But they aren’t relating to themselves as time billionaires.

And I was thinking about how if you could - what would Rupert Murdoch, who’s worth $20 billion - he’s 87 years old. What would he pay if he could take the next five years of someone’s 20-year-old healthy body, mind, etc.? And for that 20-year-old, how would they price it?

Source: The Tim Ferriss Show: Graham Duncan (#362)

Idea From Me: Inspiration For Being Prolific

Picasso may be one of the most prolific hustlers of all time.

The man just out-produced everyone.

I forget where I saw this, but glad I saved it.

Such a cool graph:

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