Due to platforms like YouTube and Instagram, over the past few years, people have turned away from starting a personal blog for channels and IG accounts to promote their work.

And rightfully so. With a unique approach and great content, you’re able to garner an audience that can be life-changing in many ways. And you can have a social media page up and running in a matter of minutes.

You don’t have to buy a domain, pick out the correct hosting platform, design your website, figure out how to use SEO so you can rank for certain keywords, begin building an email list, and more of the diligent little tasks needed to get a professional website or blog up and running.

Trust me, I understand how frustrating this learning curve can be and went through it with the first content-based website I built.

In addition to all of those administrative tasks, writing thoughtful, effective articles takes a lot of time and work. It’s no surprise people turn to the quick dopamine hit of views and likes instead.

But on the other side of all of this effort to start writing online is an abundance of opportunity.

I experienced it with my first online business, G&E Magazine, where I spent my days writing and promoting stories of people building a life around golf in an entrepreneurial fashion.

Just a few months in, a whole world of possibilities started revealing themselves.

I began meeting fascinating people that I never would have been able to even get on the phone if not for having an audience. I made amazing friendships, got invited on media trips (one of my favorite perks I may add), got offered consulting opportunities launching my current business, and so much more.

It was honestly a bit mind-blowing that all this happened because I decided to share my thoughts about a subject I really enjoyed.

But as I mentioned in my first article on this site, my career evolved from writing about golf to the work I do in marketing and advertising today. I love what I do, but I miss writing online and the life-changing benefits that come with it.

So, I started this personal blog and besides the reasons mentioned above, here are a few more of why I think it’s worth my time, and yours, to use writing online to further your career and personal development.

Networking At Scale

I was deep into Twitter one morning and came across a Tweet from 2017 that resurfaced on my timeline. It was from the prominent VC mind of Andrew Chen and it articulated so perfectly how I thought about writing online.

“Writing is the most scalable professional networking activity – stay home, don’t go to events/conferences, and just put ideas down.”

A very simple, yet profound statement. When you share your ideas, the internet connects you with thousands and thousands of like-minded people.

It’s remarkable.

One great article that gets some traction can be read by someone who can dramatically change your life.

If that isn’t a reason enough alone, then I don’t know what else I could say to motivate you to start.

Build Your Business

As a marketer and entrepreneur, I understand that great content and creative are the differentiating factors of what triggers that ever so powerful emotion to make a purchase or decide to do business with a company. And I also understand the importance of having a target audience to consume that content.

Through my writing, I aim to show people my personality, work ethic, and expertise. And by reading and getting to know me, some of that audience will need the services offered by myself or the other agencies that I consult for, and want to reach out to learn more.

Become A Better Writer, Communicator, & Thinker

I used to be an awful writer. And I still have a lot of work ahead of me to refine the craft. But over the years I’ve gotten better and better and unsurprisingly, my professional career has evolved as that skill set improves.

Many highly successful people credit their success to their ability to write.

Tim Ferris goes so far to say that “for fulfillment, excitement, professional and personal success, I find writing to be the most important practice.” – Tim Ferris

By starting this site, I am going to challenge myself to articulate my thoughts and experiences in an intelligent manner on a very frequent basis.

This will sharpen my thinking around subject matter that pertains to my career, and in turn, I will become better at what I do through that process.

There You Have It

A few reasons why I think writing online is a lethal weapon to add to your personal branding arsenal.

You can connect with fascinating people, grow your business or your career, and become better and smarter through the process. And all it asks from you is put in the work.